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2 year birthday paint smash session

My youngest turned 2!!! I have seen a lot of paint smash session in the photography realm lately for when a child turns 2. I thought it was cute and looked like another fun way to get those great candid pictures. Babies and toddlers can be a challenge to photograph but when you get those candid shots they are truly adorable. That is one reason why I love cake smash sessions. It is all fun and mess so candid shots are in abundance usually. The paint smash session was no different.

My little guy was a little timid which was kind of weird. He didn’t really want to get his hands all covered in paint so we gave him a paint brush. He, however, had no problem tasting the paint. Good thing it is non toxic. He quickly realized it wasn’t tasty. My oldest son was feeling jealous so when we were through we swapped clothes and let him go at it as well. He got a little more messy. Also, the clothes fit my 4 1/2 year old better than my 2 year old. Go figure. The simplicity of the session is part of what makes it so great. I kept the background clean and the clothes plain. The focus was meant to go on the bright paint colors and the child’s face. The session was quick, easy, and painless. It was also a lot fun for everyone!

Below are a few of my favorites. Book your paint session now. Your child can be any age to enjoy it!


What is the paint thing?
mmm tasty……
That smile says it all!
Older brother just finishing off the painting session for fun.



6-9 month milestone session

You always hear moms talking about their babies growing up too fast. It is because it is true! That is one of the reasons why I love taking pictures of babies and why I stress the importance of continually getting your babies pictures taken. It is also so fun to get them at each major milestone like rolling over, sitting up, crawling, and walking. They change so much is just a few short months. Having these pictures are great to look back on and see the progress over a year. It is amazing!

Milestone sessions don’t have to be a big, drawn out session. Babies don’t always want to leave mom’s side and so keeping it short and simple can be perfect. I just go with the flow. I try not to have too many expectations going into any session involving children or babies. There is no reasoning to be done. No convincing and often times not even bribery works. It stresses parents out when their child does not smile or look at the camera or do what they had envisioned them to be. That is why it is so important for me to stay calm and work with the child as best I can. You would never know that the baby featured today was a little fussy because she wanted mom. Understandable. I get it little one. Moms are great! I provided her breaks and kept mom close. It doesn’t hurt that she is crazy adorable already!

Check out a few of my favorites from my latest 6-9 month milestone session. I am in love!

Those eyes and eyelashes. Crazy beautiful!
That romper is so freaking cute!
I love a good black and white image. Such a cute shot of her. She was a great model!

Ask me about my milestone session! Make sure to bundle and save!


Mini Sessions

L-O-V-E Valentine Mini Session

I love, love, love themed sessions and speaking of “love” it is the perfect theme for Valentines Day! Valentine mini sessions are great for making your own valentines to pass out or for documenting the holiday or for just getting dang cute pictures. I like to do mini sessions for all the fun themed holidays like Valentines and Christmas. If you were to do these session you could create fun and unique calendars filled with your adorable children. I also like to try new things. This years Valentine’s session was a bit of a challenge to get it just how I wanted but I love a challenge. I get to learn in the process :).

Mini sessions are a bit easier for parents to tackle. A little less stress, a littles less money, same amount of cuteness. For some reason a lot of children react to getting their pictures taken in a some what negative manner. They can act awkward or shy or refuse to be their best selves. After working with children for so long I know to just be patient and calm. Go at their speed. Try different approaches and make it fun. I also have tricks to use to quickly get those good shots. In the end the pictures turn out great. Mini sessions help the children because their attentions spans and willingness to corporate are short lived. Thus, a short session can make for a more cooperative child. In the end. I think both parents and kids are a little less worked up. Not to say full sessions aren’t worth it but mini sessions are fun and rewarding.

Below is the final image from my latest mini session. It is different in that instead of getting 5-10 images I just did 1 big image. Either way, I can mix it up to parent’s satisfaction.

LOVE Valentine Mini Session.jpg
L-O-V-E spells brotherly love for this adorable Valentine mini session.


Family Session

Winter Family Session

Winter is a beautiful time of year. The way the snow glistens and is the most pure white color makes this awfully cold time of year magical. Not to mention all the fun that can be had in snow. Add beautiful mountains on top of that and we have the perfect scene for pictures!

If you can brave the cold and wet part of winter for just a brief moment than it is totally worth getting pictures out in the snow. That is what this brave family did. We went up the canyon where there was sure to be snow. It was deep and slick and oh so cold. The little ones weren’t too happy but they were troopers and cooperated amazingly. We took breaks in the warm car when needed. We didn’t go far. I also made sure to pave a way through the snow. I brought a blanket. We shot a couple different poses and it ended up being quick. We put the kids in the car and then did a few couple shots. All in all it was a very successful session. It was definitely worth braving the cold and snow.

As a photographer I try really hard to be considered of my client’s needs and wants. Since there were young children at play in this session I took into account the need to be on top of my game to make it quick for their sake and for their parents. I also knew we couldn’t venture out too far or get too crazy with the snow. Luckily, the location allowed for a clear path to a bench not too far from the parking lot. The location was beautiful. Complete with a  river, pond, and mountain scenery. It was a true winter wonderland.

Below are a few of my favorites from the session.

The snow was so deep here but we didn’t venture far and I cleared a path. Beautiful background and beautiful family!
Everything was covered in snow. Including the river and pond. Also, I love genuine smiles!
I love bridges for pictures.
They are such a cute couple. Everyone did so great during the session.

Get your winter wonderland session before all the snow is gone!


Birthday Session · Cake Smash

Cake Smash-Baby Boy Blues

I love, love, love doing cake smash sessions. It is so fun to see how the newly one-year old is going to react to the cake sitting before them. Some are timid and don’t know what to do or think of the cake. Some are eager and go right for the cake with enthusiasm. There are even some who cry when the cake is presented to them. I know, crazy right!?

I like to do a before, during, and after cake smash. The before features the child in all their one-year old glory. Trying to capture the child’s every last detail that remains of being a baby (tear). The during is the celebration of making it one year and embracing the toddler that will soon ensue. Of course, this is done by smashing a cake. I feel like everyone should get to smash a cake at least once in their life. Lastly, the aftermath. The child gets to clean off in a wash tub! Complete with bubbles and a rubber duck (obviously).

Clean up is super easy and the best part is the child got to have fun the whole time (hopefully)! Cake smash sessions provide a lot of candid moments, which I love. I like to follow the child’s lead. If they are getting overwhelmed, we take a break. If they are so over the whole picture taking experience, we call it quits. I go at the child’s pace. In the end we end up with great results.

Without further ado, here is my most recent cake smash. I got to go to the client’s home for this one. It worked out wonderfully. The whole family was involved in keeping this little guy happy and smiling. The excitement and love for this little guy was truly felt. His older siblings were great and all excited to watch the cake smash unfold. Both parents were there to help keep him smiling and focused. It was definitely a team effort. Below are just a few of my favorites from the session. It turned out so great! This little guy had the brightest blue eyes.

The mom had the cutest outfits picked out for him. I am so glad we got to use both of them!



Those big blue eyes!




He was a little unsure of the cake at first but he soon discovered the squishy frosting.



mmmm, frosting.
So cute with his Happy Birthday crown.
He enjoyed clean up time in the tub.
He had beautiful long eyelashes.
Bath time is serious business, lol.
So much fun splashing.
Those two front teeth are SO cute!
He did great spelling O-N-E! Such a fun photo.

These sessions are a must have for your one-year old. Contact me to book your session!





Christmas Mini Session

Let’s talk mini sessions for a bit and why they are so AWESOME!

I love mini sessions. They are especially great for anyone who has small children. Mini sessions are 30 minutes long, max. You only have 1 setup to worry about. Children’s attention span is SO small and when you add wanting them to actually cooperate for photos to that it seems as though their attention span gets worse :(. I know how stressful photography sessions can be because I have 2 small children and I have photographed plenty of kids who cannot make it for the full length sessions.

You save money! Since it is a mini session you are spending anywhere from %30-50 less than a regular length session. Mini sessions are great for holidays and back to school. They can also be great for those sessions you just want to document one child for their birthday. It is a great way to celebrate your child getting one year older! They grow up so fast!

It is true that you do not get as many images but don’t let that stop you. I firmly believe that any photo session is completely worth it as long as you get a handful of good pictures. It seems like anytime I do any kind of session with my kids I get a new favorite picture of them and I treasure them all!

Check out the pictures believe from my recent Christmas mini session. A Christmas theme is such a way to grab a few pictures of your kids! Even if you are not sending out Christmas cards it is still worth capturing the Christmas spirit with your kids. After all, Christmas is for the children. Their innocence and love for Christmas is what makes the season so special.

I was able to get individual pictures of the boys as well as several cute ones together. It was quick, easy, and painless. The best part is I got great images of them and there was no stress. The short time frame was perfect for these boys. If you are interested in any kind of mini session feel free to contact me!


Baby Owen

What happens when your sister has a new baby and you are a newborn photographer? You pack up your props and equipment and head to Colorado!

Let me tell you, travel sessions are no small feat but I value photography so much that I do it to help client’s meet their needs. Normally, I wouldn’t travel all the way to Colorado but I’m a nice sister 😉

Baby Owen was born 3 weeks early. He was teeny tiny and oh so precious. He was a whopping one week old for his session and he was a dream. We did A LOT of setups. Baby with older brother, with mom and dad, with mom, with dad,  whole family, on bean bag, in props. YIKES! All those setups make for a really long session and baby usually gets annoyed to the point of ending the session. Not with Owen. He slept the entire time like nothing was even going on. He was even considerate enough not to make any “messes” on me or my stuff. He wasn’t as nice to his mom later on in the session, lol. Thanks Owen! We had a good laugh.

Below are my favorites from the session. Enjoy!