Stylized Wedding Session-Couple 2

The dress that the bride wore was absolutely stunning! It made me kind of sad I never went dress shopping when I got married. Honestly, everything about this bride was stunning. The hair and makeup artists did an amazing job making the bride really stand out. It didn’t hurt that she was already beautiful.

There were some really elegant aspects of this themed wedding. There was a fireplace and a beautiful gold mirror and table that made the venue really special. Of course, there were no guests so that made this even easier because I didn’t have to deal with countless cell phones in my shot :).

The groom was really sweet and sported a very traditional tuxedo which I felt “suited” him very well ;). It was so much fun taking pictures of this couple. The theme colors were black and white. The groom wore black and, of course, the bride wore white lace over ivory. The cake and decorations were black and white. Very, very pretty. I think most people choose to have more color but honestly, this made the wedding very elegant.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorites!


Stylized Wedding-92
The details of that dress are beautiful!

Stylized Wedding-95Stylized Wedding-96Stylized Wedding-101Stylized Wedding-103

Stylized Wedding-108
I love all the neutral colors, and the head piece, and the hair, and pretty much everything!

Stylized Wedding-111



Stylized Wedding Session

I am waaaaay behind in posting about this session but I wanted to be able to feature it in 3 continuing segments and I have been busy. Back in January  I was able to take part in a stylized wedding shoot. I took turns taking pictures of 3 different couples in 3 different themed weddings. It was so much fun!

Taking pictures of willing adults is definitely a change of pace from taking pictures of children/babies. Luckily, I love it all! The first couple I will be featuring in today’s blog was so fun and SO photogenic, as you will soon see. The venue was beautiful and offered a lot of natural light. Everything was included as with any wedding. Cake, invitations, decorations, wardrobe, makeup, and flowers. Almost made me want to have a do-over from my wedding because I kept it so simple.

The couple was stunning together. The makeup was perfect. The bride’s dress was untraditional and I LOVED it! I love how everything came together so beautifully. It makes my job easy. The planners for this event did an amazing job! This wedding theme featured beautiful shades of pink and navy blue with a rose gold sparkle. I loved the color scheme. I wish I could show all the pictures of this couple but I will just showcase my favorite.

Make sure to contact me if you are interested in any engagements, bridals, or wedding pictures for yourself!



Stylized Wedding-1
This cake looked delicious. Yum!
Stylized Wedding-2
I love the all that color. It isn’t overwhelming and comes together nicely.

Stylized Wedding-14

Stylized Wedding-34
Stunning bride.
Stylized Wedding-44
The bridal room at the venue featured large mirrors, flowers, a small table, and bench. It was all so perfect.
Stylized Wedding-50
Handsome groom.
Stylized Wedding-58
That chandelier in the bridal room really adds to the whole look.
Stylized Wedding-72
They were great together.
Stylized Wedding-77
That hair piece detail is beautiful.



Baby Girl “L” Newborn Session

Yes, yes, yes! Give me all the babies! I love newborn sessions because I get to take care of these brand new precious little babies if only for a brief time. They can cry, poop/pee all they want. I still love it! It has definitely taught me patience but capturing these beautiful, innocent miracles is so rewarding for me. Never will you child be this small again. My favorite pictures to look back on for my children are their baby pictures so please do not hesitate to get them professionally done, emphasis on professionally. We can make it work for your budget!

My most recent newborn session was so fun! She was so great and so beautiful, obviously. We had it done in about two hours which is actually pretty good! Go baby L! Below are a few of my favorites. I was happy because we were also able to match the color scheme in her nursery. They will look so great in her room!

Blush is one of my favorite colors for girls.
She truly did have an amazing head of hair!
That smile was perfect!
I love using props and wrapping a baby. They usually are so comfortable and settled.


Mini Sessions

Studio Dress-Up Glitter Session

OMG! I am soooo excited about the pictures I am sharing today. Adorable little girls + dress up outfits + glitter = cuteness overload! I was a little scared to work with glitter because, let’s be honest, glitter gets EVERYWHERE. Suffice to say it was fun and worth it. The girls were a little timid and somewhat unsure about the glitter. The dress up outfits they picked were adorable and ranged from princess to batgirl to cowgirl. I LOVED the variety.

Little girls are fun to work with. I am not sure a glitter session would work with little boys but confetti would be fun so don’t feel left out if you don’t have any girls! And, dress up is fun for everyone. These sessions are messy and you might have glitter stuck to you for days but as you will see below the pictures are so fun! The glitter really did add to the session. Below are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

Also, if you are interested in booking a similar session, hit me up!


Blowing glitter is no small feat!
Throwing it is more fun than having it sprinkled on top of you.
Such a pretty Princess!
I love this detail shot! I mixed in chunky pink glitter and I am glad I did.
Girls can be super heroes too!


Birthday Session · Milestone · Mini Sessions

2 year birthday paint smash session

My youngest turned 2!!! I have seen a lot of paint smash session in the photography realm lately for when a child turns 2. I thought it was cute and looked like another fun way to get those great candid pictures. Babies and toddlers can be a challenge to photograph but when you get those candid shots they are truly adorable. That is one reason why I love cake smash sessions. It is all fun and mess so candid shots are in abundance usually. The paint smash session was no different.

My little guy was a little timid which was kind of weird. He didn’t really want to get his hands all covered in paint so we gave him a paint brush. He, however, had no problem tasting the paint. Good thing it is non toxic. He quickly realized it wasn’t tasty. My oldest son was feeling jealous so when we were through we swapped clothes and let him go at it as well. He got a little more messy. Also, the clothes fit my 4 1/2 year old better than my 2 year old. Go figure. The simplicity of the session is part of what makes it so great. I kept the background clean and the clothes plain. The focus was meant to go on the bright paint colors and the child’s face. The session was quick, easy, and painless. It was also a lot fun for everyone!

Below are a few of my favorites. Book your paint session now. Your child can be any age to enjoy it!


What is the paint thing?
mmm tasty……
That smile says it all!
Older brother just finishing off the painting session for fun.



6-9 month milestone session

You always hear moms talking about their babies growing up too fast. It is because it is true! That is one of the reasons why I love taking pictures of babies and why I stress the importance of continually getting your babies pictures taken. It is also so fun to get them at each major milestone like rolling over, sitting up, crawling, and walking. They change so much is just a few short months. Having these pictures are great to look back on and see the progress over a year. It is amazing!

Milestone sessions don’t have to be a big, drawn out session. Babies don’t always want to leave mom’s side and so keeping it short and simple can be perfect. I just go with the flow. I try not to have too many expectations going into any session involving children or babies. There is no reasoning to be done. No convincing and often times not even bribery works. It stresses parents out when their child does not smile or look at the camera or do what they had envisioned them to be. That is why it is so important for me to stay calm and work with the child as best I can. You would never know that the baby featured today was a little fussy because she wanted mom. Understandable. I get it little one. Moms are great! I provided her breaks and kept mom close. It doesn’t hurt that she is crazy adorable already!

Check out a few of my favorites from my latest 6-9 month milestone session. I am in love!

Those eyes and eyelashes. Crazy beautiful!
That romper is so freaking cute!
I love a good black and white image. Such a cute shot of her. She was a great model!

Ask me about my milestone session! Make sure to bundle and save!


Mini Sessions

L-O-V-E Valentine Mini Session

I love, love, love themed sessions and speaking of “love” it is the perfect theme for Valentines Day! Valentine mini sessions are great for making your own valentines to pass out or for documenting the holiday or for just getting dang cute pictures. I like to do mini sessions for all the fun themed holidays like Valentines and Christmas. If you were to do these session you could create fun and unique calendars filled with your adorable children. I also like to try new things. This years Valentine’s session was a bit of a challenge to get it just how I wanted but I love a challenge. I get to learn in the process :).

Mini sessions are a bit easier for parents to tackle. A little less stress, a littles less money, same amount of cuteness. For some reason a lot of children react to getting their pictures taken in a some what negative manner. They can act awkward or shy or refuse to be their best selves. After working with children for so long I know to just be patient and calm. Go at their speed. Try different approaches and make it fun. I also have tricks to use to quickly get those good shots. In the end the pictures turn out great. Mini sessions help the children because their attentions spans and willingness to corporate are short lived. Thus, a short session can make for a more cooperative child. In the end. I think both parents and kids are a little less worked up. Not to say full sessions aren’t worth it but mini sessions are fun and rewarding.

Below is the final image from my latest mini session. It is different in that instead of getting 5-10 images I just did 1 big image. Either way, I can mix it up to parent’s satisfaction.

LOVE Valentine Mini Session.jpg
L-O-V-E spells brotherly love for this adorable Valentine mini session.