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Fall Family/Cake Smash session

Ahhhh…..Fall. I know some people make fun of that fact that everybody seems to just LOVE Fall. Well, it’s because Fall is awesome. Don’t get me wrong the other seasons are great too but if I had to choose, I choose Fall as my favorite. Crisp air, pretty trees with their assortment of colors, Halloween and Thanksgiving time, and great weather…usually. I was elated that this family asked to do a cakes smash session outside and throw in some family shots. I felt like the timing was perfect for the fall foliage and I had just the right location.

Normally, I would do these session separate from each other. My typical indoor cake smash does take an hour and involves more than just smashing a cake. A family session easily takes an hour as well. I knew that this family had 2 very small children who would not last 2 hours. I am flexible. We shortened the two together and kept it relatively simple. For this post I will feature the family session portion. On my next post I will discuss the outdoor cake smash so stay tuned for that!

Here are a few of my favorites from the family portion of the session. Please contact me if you are interested in getting any type of photos taken!


Miller-Cake Smash-2
Such an adorable family. How could the pictures not turn out great!?
Miller-Cake Smash-13
Synchronized tossing of children. Talent 🙂

Miller-Cake Smash-16

Miller-Cake Smash-19
The special birthday girl!


Family Session

Day Break Family Session

Sorry for my absence lately. There has been a lot going on in my life lately but we are back on track now!

I was able to take a break from my crazy life and take pictures of a beautiful family! I tried out a new location at Day Break and it did not disappoint. The scenery there is beautiful. Lake, bridges, paved pathways, trees, small beaches, and lots of grass. Spring time can be tricky in Utah when it comes to the weather. Scheduling a session often time results in a reschedule but we got lucky with gorgeous weather on this day, phew!

The family was so easy going which is great when you have small children. I find it is best to be relaxed and go with the flow. The parents did an amazing job at making their children feel less like they were getting their pictures taken and more like they were just out enjoying the scenery. Children tend to freeze in front of a camera and if they feel pressured often times will react the opposite of what you would want. We concentrated on being candid and didn’t push the kids to be posed. I could tell this was a very loving family. The kids were SO CUTE!

Here are a few of my favorites from the session. Don’t let the fact that you have small kids deter you from getting family pictures 🙂

Butera 2017-4Butera 2017-7

Butera 2017-18
Hugs with mom. Adorable!
Butera 2017-21
Just a casual stroll holding dad’s hand. I love the daddy/daughter dynamic.

Butera 2017-23



Family Session

Winter Family Session

Winter is a beautiful time of year. The way the snow glistens and is the most pure white color makes this awfully cold time of year magical. Not to mention all the fun that can be had in snow. Add beautiful mountains on top of that and we have the perfect scene for pictures!

If you can brave the cold and wet part of winter for just a brief moment than it is totally worth getting pictures out in the snow. That is what this brave family did. We went up the canyon where there was sure to be snow. It was deep and slick and oh so cold. The little ones weren’t too happy but they were troopers and cooperated amazingly. We took breaks in the warm car when needed. We didn’t go far. I also made sure to pave a way through the snow. I brought a blanket. We shot a couple different poses and it ended up being quick. We put the kids in the car and then did a few couple shots. All in all it was a very successful session. It was definitely worth braving the cold and snow.

As a photographer I try really hard to be considered of my client’s needs and wants. Since there were young children at play in this session I took into account the need to be on top of my game to make it quick for their sake and for their parents. I also knew we couldn’t venture out too far or get too crazy with the snow. Luckily, the location allowed for a clear path to a bench not too far from the parking lot. The location was beautiful. Complete with a  river, pond, and mountain scenery. It was a true winter wonderland.

Below are a few of my favorites from the session.

The snow was so deep here but we didn’t venture far and I cleared a path. Beautiful background and beautiful family!
Everything was covered in snow. Including the river and pond. Also, I love genuine smiles!
I love bridges for pictures.
They are such a cute couple. Everyone did so great during the session.

Get your winter wonderland session before all the snow is gone!