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Outdoor Cake Smash-One Year Milestone Session

This little miss did awesome for her cake smash. Especially, considering she had family pictures before and it was chilly outside! The scenery was a perfect backdrop for this October birthday girl! She ended up not being too into her super cute unicorn cake but it still made for some great pictures!

Here are a few of my favorites. Contact me to book any indoor/outdoor cake smash. They are so fun to do!




Miller-Cake Smash-23
The fall foliage was perfect.

Miller-Cake Smash-25

Miller-Cake Smash-29
The unicorn cake was super cute. She seemed to like the frosting.
Miller-Cake Smash-35
I love those two little teeth showing!


Birthday Session · Mommy and Me

“Mommy and Me” one year old session

I feel like this recent “Mommy and Me” session really showcases the importance of lighting. I know just as well as any mom that kids have bed times and certain times of the day where they are at their crankiness.¬† However, if you can get pictures taken around “golden hour” (and hour after sunrise and before sunset) it is truly magical! Luckily, this one year old doesn’t go to bed early :). Also, would you believe the location was feet away from a gas station!? Beauty is all around us!!

Traditionally parents get pictures of their newly one year old smashing a cake. I love those but there is no rule that you “have” to do it that way. This new one year old sure loves to be right next to mommy so it just made sense to do pictures with mommy. She was happy the whole time and we kept it casual. They played and read books which allowed for great candid photos. Of course, we threw in some individual photos with balloons to showcase the birthday girl!

I cannot stress the importance of documenting life, especially, your children through photography. Kids grow up so fast and I am sure these pictures will be cherished forever. Here are just a few of my favorites from the session:


Luna 1 year -7
Nothing beats genuine smiles!
Luna 1 year -13
I love grassy fields and spring time is great for it.
Luna 1 year -19
She is such a CUTIE!

Luna 1 year -26Luna 1 year -29


Birthday Session · Cake Smash

1 year cake smash-boy

Cake smashes are so much fun, I mean, what isn’t fun about destroying a cake and eating it. I love to watch the reaction of the 1 year old. They all react differently. I always encourage parents to introduce frosting/cake before the actual session so it is a little more familiar to them. Some kids do not respond well to cake, crazy!

This session went great. We included some fun pieces such as a picture of the child as a newborn and his favorite stuffed animal. He was not interested in getting in the wash tub after all the mess was made so we followed his lead and just let him sit by the tub and play in the water. It turned out adorable! He didn’t end up making a huge but he was so cute in tasting the frosting. We did some before shots and used 2 different outfits and props.

I like to keep the decorations simple because of the focus being on the child. We featured shades of blue with a grey background. I let parents choose the color scheme. I provide the banner, backdrop, and puffs. Parent’s provide the cake and optional balloons.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session.


1 year session-1
He had beautiful big brown eyes!
1 year session-7
I love that he licked it off his finger.
1 year session-16
Playing in the water.

1 year session-19


Birthday Session · Milestone · Mini Sessions

2 year birthday paint smash session

My youngest turned 2!!! I have seen a lot of paint smash session in the photography realm lately for when a child turns 2. I thought it was cute and looked like another fun way to get those great candid pictures. Babies and toddlers can be a challenge to photograph but when you get those candid shots they are truly adorable. That is one reason why I love cake smash sessions. It is all fun and mess so candid shots are in abundance usually. The paint smash session was no different.

My little guy was a little timid which was kind of weird. He didn’t really want to get his hands all covered in paint so we gave him a paint brush. He, however, had no problem tasting the paint. Good thing it is non toxic. He quickly realized it wasn’t tasty. My oldest son was feeling jealous so when we were through we swapped clothes and let him go at it as well. He got a little more messy. Also, the clothes fit my 4 1/2 year old better than my 2 year old. Go¬†figure. The simplicity of the session is part of what makes it so great. I kept the background clean and the clothes plain. The focus was meant to go on the bright paint colors and the child’s face. The session was quick, easy, and painless. It was also a lot fun for everyone!

Below are a few of my favorites. Book your paint session now. Your child can be any age to enjoy it!


What is the paint thing?
mmm tasty……
That smile says it all!
Older brother just finishing off the painting session for fun.


Birthday Session · Cake Smash

Cake Smash-Baby Boy Blues

I love, love, love doing cake smash sessions. It is so fun to see how the newly one-year old is going to react to the cake sitting before them. Some are timid and don’t know what to do or think of the cake. Some are eager and go right for the cake with enthusiasm. There are even some who cry when the cake is presented to them. I know, crazy right!?

I like to do a before, during, and after cake smash. The before features the child in all their one-year old glory. Trying to capture the child’s every last detail that remains of being a baby (tear). The during is the celebration of making it one year and embracing the toddler that will soon ensue. Of course, this is done by smashing a cake. I feel like everyone should get to smash a cake at least once in their life. Lastly, the aftermath. The child gets to clean off in a wash tub! Complete with bubbles and a rubber duck (obviously).

Clean up is super easy and the best part is the child got to have fun the whole time (hopefully)! Cake smash sessions provide a lot of candid moments, which I love. I like to follow the child’s lead. If they are getting overwhelmed, we take a break. If they are so over the whole picture taking experience, we call it quits. I go at the child’s pace. In the end we end up with great results.

Without further ado, here is my most recent cake smash. I got to go to the client’s home for this one. It worked out wonderfully. The whole family was involved in keeping this little guy happy and smiling. The excitement and love for this little guy was truly felt. His older siblings were great and all excited to watch the cake smash unfold. Both parents were there to help keep him smiling and focused. It was definitely a team effort. Below are just a few of my favorites from the session. It turned out so great! This little guy had the brightest blue eyes.

The mom had the cutest outfits picked out for him. I am so glad we got to use both of them!



Those big blue eyes!




He was a little unsure of the cake at first but he soon discovered the squishy frosting.



mmmm, frosting.
So cute with his Happy Birthday crown.
He enjoyed clean up time in the tub.
He had beautiful long eyelashes.
Bath time is serious business, lol.
So much fun splashing.
Those two front teeth are SO cute!
He did great spelling O-N-E! Such a fun photo.

These sessions are a must have for your one-year old. Contact me to book your session!