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6-9 Month Milestone Session-Baby Boy

I love milestone sessions for babies that I did their newborn pictures for. It is so fun to see the growth in such a short time. Babies grow so fast in the first year. It is for that reason I highly recommend doing a newborn session, at least a 6-9 month session, and 1 year old session. It helps if baby is not quite mobile yet but, if they are, we can work with that!

Babies are usually their happiest when they are fed, not tired, and can see their momma! I would love to take credit for the great smiles this baby gave me but I cannot compete with his love for his momma. I was able to grab his attention a few times so I feel pretty good about that.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session. Set ups for sessions don’t have to be complicated or stressed about. We added some simple things I had here and there to create variety. They turned out super cute! That is mostly due to the cute baby though 🙂



Such a handsome, smiley boy!
Lots of smiles from him. He made my job easy!
“O” for his name.



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Sibling Mini Session

As a mother of 2 soon to be 3 I am well aware that kids grow fast! It is my personal goal to have professional pictures of my kids on a yearly basis. Good thing I am a photographer, amiright!? I can look back at their newborn pictures and still see a resemblance. I will have pictures for every age to cherish because they are all so special times.

I love when a mom is booking a session with me, and I recommend the time to be an hour before sunset hoping it is not too late for their kiddos, and they say YES. Seriously, golden hour is perfection in lighting. These 3 kids were fun to hang out with and take pictures of too! You don’t have to go far to find a great location in Utah. This location had HUGE dandelions that were eager to be blown in the wind. There was some nice grassy and flowery fields, a river, and a walkway. As a photographer I look for whatever the location has to offer that a child might actually enjoy. Because, they don’t always enjoy posing for a picture ;).

We kept the session short and fun. I believe in a low stress session if I can help it when it comes to children and pictures. Below are some faves!


Stunning little girl. I love little girls and flowers together.
Enjoying the dandelions.
The dirt was just what we needed to capture his sweet face.



Baby “T” Newborn in-home session

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE babies?! Well, I do! I didn’t used to get why women fawned over babies but, after having my own and doing newborn photography, I totally get it! They are so precious!!! Thus, I love newborn photography. All the cute props, poses, outfits, and let’s not forget cute babies! Capturing their innocence is a privilege and I love being able to provide those memories for the parents.

Newborn sessions can be very long and so I love providing client’s the option to do the session in the comfort of their home! Baby “T” was a dream, he literally slept the whole time! He was so tiny and precious and put up with me constantly moving him around. Because he did so well the session went faster and was seamless. Of course, I work with baby and what baby wants. No rush. He fit perfectly in this cute, red wagon prop that would only support small babies like him. I am so pleased with how the session turned out. He was a champ!

Here are a few of my favorites from the session. I cannot stress enough the importance of getting professional pictures taken of your newborn baby. They are only this little once!!


I got lucky and captured this little smile. Such a gem!
Such an angel.
Simple, lifestyle type shot with dad in the nursery. I love the black and white.
This wooden crate makes a great prop for babies. I love this pose!


Birthday Session · Mommy and Me

“Mommy and Me” one year old session

I feel like this recent “Mommy and Me” session really showcases the importance of lighting. I know just as well as any mom that kids have bed times and certain times of the day where they are at their crankiness.  However, if you can get pictures taken around “golden hour” (and hour after sunrise and before sunset) it is truly magical! Luckily, this one year old doesn’t go to bed early :). Also, would you believe the location was feet away from a gas station!? Beauty is all around us!!

Traditionally parents get pictures of their newly one year old smashing a cake. I love those but there is no rule that you “have” to do it that way. This new one year old sure loves to be right next to mommy so it just made sense to do pictures with mommy. She was happy the whole time and we kept it casual. They played and read books which allowed for great candid photos. Of course, we threw in some individual photos with balloons to showcase the birthday girl!

I cannot stress the importance of documenting life, especially, your children through photography. Kids grow up so fast and I am sure these pictures will be cherished forever. Here are just a few of my favorites from the session:


Luna 1 year -7
Nothing beats genuine smiles!
Luna 1 year -13
I love grassy fields and spring time is great for it.
Luna 1 year -19
She is such a CUTIE!

Luna 1 year -26Luna 1 year -29


Family Session

Day Break Family Session

Sorry for my absence lately. There has been a lot going on in my life lately but we are back on track now!

I was able to take a break from my crazy life and take pictures of a beautiful family! I tried out a new location at Day Break and it did not disappoint. The scenery there is beautiful. Lake, bridges, paved pathways, trees, small beaches, and lots of grass. Spring time can be tricky in Utah when it comes to the weather. Scheduling a session often time results in a reschedule but we got lucky with gorgeous weather on this day, phew!

The family was so easy going which is great when you have small children. I find it is best to be relaxed and go with the flow. The parents did an amazing job at making their children feel less like they were getting their pictures taken and more like they were just out enjoying the scenery. Children tend to freeze in front of a camera and if they feel pressured often times will react the opposite of what you would want. We concentrated on being candid and didn’t push the kids to be posed. I could tell this was a very loving family. The kids were SO CUTE!

Here are a few of my favorites from the session. Don’t let the fact that you have small kids deter you from getting family pictures 🙂

Butera 2017-4Butera 2017-7

Butera 2017-18
Hugs with mom. Adorable!
Butera 2017-21
Just a casual stroll holding dad’s hand. I love the daddy/daughter dynamic.

Butera 2017-23



Birthday Session · Cake Smash

1 year cake smash-boy

Cake smashes are so much fun, I mean, what isn’t fun about destroying a cake and eating it. I love to watch the reaction of the 1 year old. They all react differently. I always encourage parents to introduce frosting/cake before the actual session so it is a little more familiar to them. Some kids do not respond well to cake, crazy!

This session went great. We included some fun pieces such as a picture of the child as a newborn and his favorite stuffed animal. He was not interested in getting in the wash tub after all the mess was made so we followed his lead and just let him sit by the tub and play in the water. It turned out adorable! He didn’t end up making a huge but he was so cute in tasting the frosting. We did some before shots and used 2 different outfits and props.

I like to keep the decorations simple because of the focus being on the child. We featured shades of blue with a grey background. I let parents choose the color scheme. I provide the banner, backdrop, and puffs. Parent’s provide the cake and optional balloons.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session.


1 year session-1
He had beautiful big brown eyes!
1 year session-7
I love that he licked it off his finger.
1 year session-16
Playing in the water.

1 year session-19



Stylized Wedding Session- Couple 3

This is the last couple in this series (tear). This couple is a real, live couple. They just weren’t actually getting married….yet. I honestly don’t know how brides choose their styles and themes. There are so many great combinations of colors and styles. This couple was no exception. I loved the pastel blue and grey. It was so fun to be able to branch out and take these pictures. Since this couple was actually a couple they were so comfortable with each other. They were relaxed and had fun together. I love genuine expressions.

For those getting married. I would suggest and event planner. All the details of these sessions were so well put together. It definitely helps relieve some of the stress of getting married and makes that big day more special.

Below are a few of my favorites from this couple.


Stylized Wedding-126
The details on the dress are stunning!
Stylized Wedding-124
This is why brides need a veil.

Stylized Wedding-123Stylized Wedding-120

Stylized Wedding-113
So cute and playful together.