Baby “T” Newborn in-home session

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE babies?! Well, I do! I didn’t used to get why women fawned over babies but, after having my own and doing newborn photography, I totally get it! They are so precious!!! Thus, I love newborn photography. All the cute props, poses, outfits, and let’s not forget cute babies! Capturing their innocence is a privilege and I love being able to provide those memories for the parents.

Newborn sessions can be very long and so I love providing client’s the option to do the session in the comfort of their home! Baby “T” was a dream, he literally slept the whole time! He was so tiny and precious and put up with me constantly moving him around. Because he did so well the session went faster and was seamless. Of course, I work with baby and what baby wants. No rush. He fit perfectly in this cute, red wagon prop that would only support small babies like him. I am so pleased with how the session turned out. He was a champ!

Here are a few of my favorites from the session. I cannot stress enough the importance of getting professional pictures taken of your newborn baby. They are only this little once!!


I got lucky and captured this little smile. Such a gem!
Such an angel.
Simple, lifestyle type shot with dad in the nursery. I love the black and white.
This wooden crate makes a great prop for babies. I love this pose!



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