Birthday Session · Mommy and Me

“Mommy and Me” one year old session

I feel like this recent “Mommy and Me” session really showcases the importance of lighting. I know just as well as any mom that kids have bed times and certain times of the day where they are at their crankiness.  However, if you can get pictures taken around “golden hour” (and hour after sunrise and before sunset) it is truly magical! Luckily, this one year old doesn’t go to bed early :). Also, would you believe the location was feet away from a gas station!? Beauty is all around us!!

Traditionally parents get pictures of their newly one year old smashing a cake. I love those but there is no rule that you “have” to do it that way. This new one year old sure loves to be right next to mommy so it just made sense to do pictures with mommy. She was happy the whole time and we kept it casual. They played and read books which allowed for great candid photos. Of course, we threw in some individual photos with balloons to showcase the birthday girl!

I cannot stress the importance of documenting life, especially, your children through photography. Kids grow up so fast and I am sure these pictures will be cherished forever. Here are just a few of my favorites from the session:


Luna 1 year -7
Nothing beats genuine smiles!
Luna 1 year -13
I love grassy fields and spring time is great for it.
Luna 1 year -19
She is such a CUTIE!

Luna 1 year -26Luna 1 year -29



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