Birthday Session · Cake Smash

1 year cake smash-boy

Cake smashes are so much fun, I mean, what isn’t fun about destroying a cake and eating it. I love to watch the reaction of the 1 year old. They all react differently. I always encourage parents to introduce frosting/cake before the actual session so it is a little more familiar to them. Some kids do not respond well to cake, crazy!

This session went great. We included some fun pieces such as a picture of the child as a newborn and his favorite stuffed animal. He was not interested in getting in the wash tub after all the mess was made so we followed his lead and just let him sit by the tub and play in the water. It turned out adorable! He didn’t end up making a huge but he was so cute in tasting the frosting. We did some before shots and used 2 different outfits and props.

I like to keep the decorations simple because of the focus being on the child. We featured shades of blue with a grey background. I let parents choose the color scheme. I provide the banner, backdrop, and puffs. Parent’s provide the cake and optional balloons.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session.


1 year session-1
He had beautiful big brown eyes!
1 year session-7
I love that he licked it off his finger.
1 year session-16
Playing in the water.

1 year session-19



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