Stylized Wedding Session- Couple 3

This is the last couple in this series (tear). This couple is a real, live couple. They just weren’t actually getting married….yet. I honestly don’t know how brides choose their styles and themes. There are so many great combinations of colors and styles. This couple was no exception. I loved the pastel blue and grey. It was so fun to be able to branch out and take these pictures. Since this couple was actually a couple they were so comfortable with each other. They were relaxed and had fun together. I love genuine expressions.

For those getting married. I would suggest and event planner. All the details of these sessions were so well put together. It definitely helps relieve some of the stress of getting married and makes that big day more special.

Below are a few of my favorites from this couple.


Stylized Wedding-126
The details on the dress are stunning!
Stylized Wedding-124
This is why brides need a veil.

Stylized Wedding-123Stylized Wedding-120

Stylized Wedding-113
So cute and playful together.




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