Stylized Wedding Session-Couple 2

The dress that the bride wore was absolutely stunning! It made me kind of sad I never went dress shopping when I got married. Honestly, everything about this bride was stunning. The hair and makeup artists did an amazing job making the bride really stand out. It didn’t hurt that she was already beautiful.

There were some really elegant aspects of this themed wedding. There was a fireplace and a beautiful gold mirror and table that made the venue really special. Of course, there were no guests so that made this even easier because I didn’t have to deal with countless cell phones in my shot :).

The groom was really sweet and sported a very traditional tuxedo which I felt “suited” him very well ;). It was so much fun taking pictures of this couple. The theme colors were black and white. The groom wore black and, of course, the bride wore white lace over ivory. The cake and decorations were black and white. Very, very pretty. I think most people choose to have more color but honestly, this made the wedding very elegant.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorites!


Stylized Wedding-92
The details of that dress are beautiful!

Stylized Wedding-95Stylized Wedding-96Stylized Wedding-101Stylized Wedding-103

Stylized Wedding-108
I love all the neutral colors, and the head piece, and the hair, and pretty much everything!

Stylized Wedding-111



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