6-9 month milestone session

You always hear moms talking about their babies growing up too fast. It is because it is true! That is one of the reasons why I love taking pictures of babies and why I stress the importance of continually getting your babies pictures taken. It is also so fun to get them at each major milestone like rolling over, sitting up, crawling, and walking. They change so much is just a few short months. Having these pictures are great to look back on and see the progress over a year. It is amazing!

Milestone sessions don’t have to be a big, drawn out session. Babies don’t always want to leave mom’s side and so keeping it short and simple can be perfect. I just go with the flow. I try not to have too many expectations going into any session involving children or babies. There is no reasoning to be done. No convincing and often times not even bribery works. It stresses parents out when their child does not smile or look at the camera or do what they had envisioned them to be. That is why it is so important for me to stay calm and work with the child as best I can. You would never know that the baby featured today was a little fussy because she wanted mom. Understandable. I get it little one. Moms are great! I provided her breaks and kept mom close. It doesn’t hurt that she is crazy adorable already!

Check out a few of my favorites from my latest 6-9 month milestone session. I am in love!

Those eyes and eyelashes. Crazy beautiful!
That romper is so freaking cute!
I love a good black and white image. Such a cute shot of her. She was a great model!

Ask me about my milestone session! Make sure to bundle and save!



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