Mini Sessions

L-O-V-E Valentine Mini Session

I love, love, love themed sessions and speaking of “love” it is the perfect theme for Valentines Day! Valentine mini sessions are great for making your own valentines to pass out or for documenting the holiday or for just getting dang cute pictures. I like to do mini sessions for all the fun themed holidays like Valentines and Christmas. If you were to do these session you could create fun and unique calendars filled with your adorable children. I also like to try new things. This years Valentine’s session was a bit of a challenge to get it just how I wanted but I love a challenge. I get to learn in the process :).

Mini sessions are a bit easier for parents to tackle. A little less stress, a littles less money, same amount of cuteness. For some reason a lot of children react to getting their pictures taken in a some what negative manner. They can act awkward or shy or refuse to be their best selves. After working with children for so long I know to just be patient and calm. Go at their speed. Try different approaches and make it fun. I also have tricks to use to quickly get those good shots. In the end the pictures turn out great. Mini sessions help the children because their attentions spans and willingness to corporate are short lived. Thus, a short session can make for a more cooperative child. In the end. I think both parents and kids are a little less worked up. Not to say full sessions aren’t worth it but mini sessions are fun and rewarding.

Below is the final image from my latest mini session. It is different in that instead of getting 5-10 images I just did 1 big image. Either way, I can mix it up to parent’s satisfaction.

LOVE Valentine Mini Session.jpg
L-O-V-E spells brotherly love for this adorable Valentine mini session.



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