Family Session

Winter Family Session

Winter is a beautiful time of year. The way the snow glistens and is the most pure white color makes this awfully cold time of year magical. Not to mention all the fun that can be had in snow. Add beautiful mountains on top of that and we have the perfect scene for pictures!

If you can brave the cold and wet part of winter for just a brief moment than it is totally worth getting pictures out in the snow. That is what this brave family did. We went up the canyon where there was sure to be snow. It was deep and slick and oh so cold. The little ones weren’t too happy but they were troopers and cooperated amazingly. We took breaks in the warm car when needed. We didn’t go far. I also made sure to pave a way through the snow. I brought a blanket. We shot a couple different poses and it ended up being quick. We put the kids in the car and then did a few couple shots. All in all it was a very successful session. It was definitely worth braving the cold and snow.

As a photographer I try really hard to be considered of my client’s needs and wants. Since there were young children at play in this session I took into account the need to be on top of my game to make it quick for their sake and for their parents. I also knew we couldn’t venture out too far or get too crazy with the snow. Luckily, the location allowed for a clear path to a bench not too far from the parking lot. The location was beautiful. Complete with a  river, pond, and mountain scenery. It was a true winter wonderland.

Below are a few of my favorites from the session.

The snow was so deep here but we didn’t venture far and I cleared a path. Beautiful background and beautiful family!
Everything was covered in snow. Including the river and pond. Also, I love genuine smiles!
I love bridges for pictures.
They are such a cute couple. Everyone did so great during the session.

Get your winter wonderland session before all the snow is gone!



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