Christmas Mini Session

Let’s talk mini sessions for a bit and why they are so AWESOME!

I love mini sessions. They are especially great for anyone who has small children. Mini sessions are 30 minutes long, max. You only have 1 setup to worry about. Children’s attention span is SO small and when you add wanting them to actually cooperate for photos to that it seems as though their attention span gets worse :(. I know how stressful photography sessions can be because I have 2 small children and I have photographed plenty of kids who cannot make it for the full length sessions.

You save money! Since it is a mini session you are spending anywhere from %30-50 less than a regular length session. Mini sessions are great for holidays and back to school. They can also be great for those sessions you just want to document one child for their birthday. It is a great way to celebrate your child getting one year older! They grow up so fast!

It is true that you do not get as many images but don’t let that stop you. I firmly believe that any photo session is completely worth it as long as you get a handful of good pictures. It seems like anytime I do any kind of session with my kids I get a new favorite picture of them and I treasure them all!

Check out the pictures believe from my recent Christmas mini session. A Christmas theme is such a way to grab a few pictures of your kids! Even if you are not sending out Christmas cards it is still worth capturing the Christmas spirit with your kids. After all, Christmas is for the children. Their innocence and love for Christmas is what makes the season so special.

I was able to get individual pictures of the boys as well as several cute ones together. It was quick, easy, and painless. The best part is I got great images of them and there was no stress. The short time frame was perfect for these boys. If you are interested in any kind of mini session feel free to contact me!


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